About the Vine

The Vine

Years ago, a scripture kept addressing my spirit!  Jesus says, "without ME, you can do nothing".   John 15 says, "HE is the VINE...."   That says much.  That Vine comes from the throne of God. The Father is the Vinedresser.  Jesus is the Vine. The bloodline comes from the Father.  We are now connected (engrafted) into this Vine.  Think about it for a moment, the power of this connection!  We are to think how He thinks.  We are to live how He lived.  We are to treat others the way He did and does.  We are to bear fruit.  We are to be branches from this very Vine.  We believe this name is above every name.  Jesus is the very one who giveth life.  He provides all blessings.  He gives the life-blood!

Our desire here is to be just what is described above!  Because of our frail humanity, we make mistakes and do not always do what we should; but we are still connected to The Vine!
That Vine is JESUS!

We invite you to come and serve Him with us!  There is room for you and a place for you!


Pastor Larry